Wholesale Carrier

Direct access to more than 200 countries and territories over GlobusRoute.com network.Providing a choice of service levels of termination through global interconnects, GlobusRoute.com Carrier Service lets you maximize your profits.

Since 2014, GlobusRoute.com Carrier Voice has developed many unique and diverse relationships with direct carriers worldwide, with particular focus given to hard to reach routes. Working with carefully selected quality partners via bi-laterals and direct routes, GlobusRoute.com Carrier Voice can provide your customers an excellent service.

As the international voice market grows, a wide range of carriers, fixed or mobile operators, service providers and resellers actively offer international voice services.

By focusing solely on direct routes, we are able to control quality, coverage and cost, and pass these benefits onto our customers.

The GlobusRoute.com Wholesale Service strengths of experience and professionalism, put together with close collaborations with strategic partners in more than 200 countries proves a commitment to providing the best available quality in the voice services market.

GlobusRoute.com Wholesale Service provides cost effective solution for voice, data and fax traffic to destinations where you may not have direct connectivity or where you need alternative or overflow routing. Service enables carriers and service providers to deliver traffic to more than 200 countries and territories over GlobusRoute.com extensive network.

Active collaboration with national operators across the globe allows us to provide our clients with significant cost savings on international calls, without compromising voice quality. We utilize cutting-edge infrastructure and our existing network of strategic partners and routes managed end to end. 24/7 monitoring and alerting gives us the ability to meet your needs. Incredibly fast interconnect times will have your routes carrying traffic in the quickest possibility times.

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