Retail Services has a global distribution network serving foreign-born communities, generating billions of international minutes. Services brings these minutes into the wholesale market, providing buy as well as sell opportunities for clients. The bilateral deals that they can offer gives you access to high volume, high quality traffic from the key destinations, including the US. is the next generation telephone service from It is an internet telephony service based on IP technology which enables you to make international and national calls from anywhere in the world at local rates.

There are various options to access service - phone device, softphone (laptops/Desktop PCs) and on mobile handsets.

Install the software program on the laptop or Desktop PC on which the service is required and make the calls to desired destinations.

(Click here to access softphone configurations) You can also access service on mobile phones that are compatible with service. (Click here to access mobile phone configuration and list of compatible handsets) You can subscribe to service by visiting our main office, dealer outlets or call our customer support team at for instant subscription.

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