About Us

GlobusRoute.com, a private Company, is supported by partners who are leading technology providers, service providers,carriers, and network operators who have achieved years of profitable growth and successful ground breaking work in telecom products and services and are currently carrying monthly 10 billion minutes of call traffic over packet-switched network. Globusroute.com was started with a clear vision of becoming a global leader in VOIP A-Z Route Termination services. We are Leading VoIP Provider offering global intenconnection

Our mission is to be amongst the top global service providers in this field.Our values are to keep the clients and customers at the utmost priority and reach the top service and support level. We believe in making long lasting relations which are made on the basis of service level we deliver. Customer satisfaction is something that we really look for constantly.

Started by a team of technocrats Globusroute.com has its core backbone based upon its strong research and development team which is constantly looking for different and creative ways to solve real world problems. Our R&D team has talented people from different fields who contribute towards our plethora of offerings.

At Globusroute.com, we focus on the quality of services we deliver and we are really excited about that! Our wide range of products and services is something that will assure that you get the best solution according to your needs. We are already among the leaders in VOIP High-quality voice termination to over 200 countries and have developed some really good and robust technologies with 2000 fixed and mobile networks that will take us to the heights as we are sure of that!

Our Skills & Technology

We work on some of the latest and advanced technologies which most of the people haven'e even headr of. Some of the biggest IT players in the world are working on these technologies which is the main reason behind their performance and quality which leads to success. Our platforms are so robust and work optimally where others fail to do so. They are rigourously developed, tested, and have to pass some quality checks before we roll down them to the market.

We provide a variety of managed services, with products such as VoIP (voice over internet protocol) gateway, prepaid calling card, pinless calling card,callback services, PC-to-phone, and more.The VoIP network is developed on Lucent's open-ended industry standard architecture in order to produce the most reliable and scalable enhanced VoIP solution that exists today.It is a carrier class VoIP network that uses a hybrid soft-switch architecture to optimally balance intelligence between the edge and center of the network.It is dedicated to open VoIP standards and supports the H.323, MGCP, H248/MEGACO, and SIP signaling protocols.It transports VoIP and PSTN traffic from any industry standard source. It supports multiple digital signaling standards, such as SS7, ISUP, and most variants of ISDN. Feature Group D/B is also supported with both MFR1 and DTMF digits.It delivers the highest quality of service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via a network designed to bypass all public Internet exchange points.

Research and Development.

This is something we never overlook. Our team comprises of some of the great minds in the industry who are regularly trying to discover and open new doors to us so that we can better serve you. R&D is like heart of our company which we dwell upon. Through our R&D we have developed some of the advanced technologies so that our platforms delivers high performance as well as quality.

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